Crisis de-escalation process by a two-year old

I was sneaking toward M on my knees, slowly. She was busy reading a book with her mom, so she didn’t noticed me until I revealed my presence with a loud howl – pretending that I am a big bad wolf.
When she saw me, she rushed to her mom’s lap, turned toward me and said: “Wolfy not come”.
– “It will”, I replied, moving closer.
I howled again.
“Wolfy not come!”, she said with more intensity in her voice.
– “It will”, I replied again. I was already in her reach.
“No!”, she said and leaned further toward her mom.
– “Owooooooooo”, I replied.
“Small wolfy”, she said
– “Owooo”, I replied in a quiet voice.
She patted my head.
– “Owooo”, I howled in a quiet voice once again.
“Kitty comes”, she said.
“Meow”, I replied.

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