A Bumblebee

I poured almond milk in a small Moomin cup,
And added a few drops of filter coffee.
Where are we drinking our coffee?
I asked,
Holding porcelain coffee mug in one hand,
And a small Moomin cup in the other.
On the terrasse,
M answered.
We set on a bench on the terrace.
Our faces washed by the morning Sun.
Around us – vegetables and flowers in pots.

I went inside for a refill,
And on my way back,
I heard M saying:
Daddy, daddy, I saw a bumblebee!
While she was running inside.
Was it scary? I said.
Mhmmm, she mumbled back.
Let’s look at it together.

I took her hand and we went on the terrace again.
On the mint-lavender flower sticking out of a metal bucket,
A bumblebee was feeding on its nectar.

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