Where to begin?

Where to begin?
At home – closing the tap water while brushing the teeth?
At the supermarket – selecting only bulk items from the vegetables section and placing them in a cotton bag?
At the park – picking up a wrinkled plastic envelope that once wrapped a kex chocolate bar, bringing it home and storing in the walk-in closet (together with similar items, that are waiting for the next trip to the recycling yard)?
In the bicycle room – changing to winter tires in January?
At the train station – instead at the airport?

We should begin at the end – at the end where there is nothing left,
And see how to best use the time we have until then.
Everything else is just a habit.
Which shouldn’t be hard to change,
If we would know,
That if we don’t (change it);
We will wake up one day,
And there will be nothing but nothing around us,
And that nothing is gonna come to stay.

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