When we went out,
The Sun was warm and bright.
It felt like the city was empty.

M was happy to sit in the pram,
Under her seat,
The bags full of goodies rattled.

In the park,
Sitting on camping chairs, splashing with water, playing kubb.

No pole, no dancing, no rain,
But that’s not why we came,
Blanket, pasta; and a fork in M’s hand.

In the sandbox next to us,
Kids walk barefoot; spades and buckets,
And a ball.

Time passes by,
On a swing, a little hill, or a slide,
While loading the bucket with sand or trying to kick the ball.

In the evening – we are home,
The Sun still shines,
On our balcony little red flowers are turning into strawberries.

Family fragments I

My parents did everything they knew,
And possibly – the best they could,
To give me a better future.

I live life,
Far better than they lived,
When they where young.
I live in the future,
That just wasn’t possible for them.

I live the future, I’ve created,
In a home, I’ve created,
I live in a home far away from home,
I live in a home that feels like home.